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Dryk Oat Drink Cocoa (1L)


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At Dryk, we constantly strive to keep up with the trends with a wide range of plant drinks of the very best quality. Together with leading baristas, we have developed a range of plant-based drinks that meet the barista’s requirements for taste, foaminess and richness.

  • Dryk adds texture and creaminess to your coffee

  • Dryk is perfect to work with when you need to steam, spin, and make foam for your coffee and it lasts a long time

  • Dryk Oat Drink Barista adds a light sweetness to the coffee without taking over the coffee taste

  • Dryk Pea Drink Barista adds creaminess and texture to coffee with lots of depth of taste when the coffee’s flavour nuances are to be preserved


Taste, foam and creaminess

In close collaboration with leading baristas, we have developed high-quality plant drinks – created for your coffee.


Dryk’s barista versions meet the crucial requirements a barista has for taste, foam, and creaminess.


Oat Drink Barista and Pea Drink Barista add texture, fullness, and creaminess to your coffee.


Dryk barista – developed for your coffee


Dryk Barista is smooth and easy to work with.


Use it when you need to steam, spin and make foam for your coffee – and it lasts a long time! Dryl Barista is just as easy to work with as a classic cow’s milk when you need to make a cappuccino, a latte or a flat white. Just without a cow!