ZAG - Non-alcoholic, low sugar botanical drink (330ml)

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A long drink without alcohol, targeted at adults with a less sweet, more challenging flavour. Designed for social occasions but not a copy of an alcoholic drink.

Nutrition: Nutrition Standard Measure: 100g, Nutrition Serving Size: 330ml, kJ Per 100g: 54, kJ per Serving: 178, kcal Per 100g: 13, kcal Per Serving: 43, Fat Per 100g: 0, Fat Per Serving: 0, Saturated Per 100g: 0, Saturated Per Serving: 0, Carbohydrate per 100g: 2.7, Carbohydrate Per Serving: 8.9, Sugar Per 100g: 2.4, Sugar Per Serving: 7.9, Fibre Per 100g: 0, Fibre Per Serving: 0, Protein Per 100g: 0, Protein Per Serving: 0, Salt Per 100g: 0, Salt Per Serving: 0

Ingredients: Water, partly decoloured apple juice concentrate, kombucha (water, sugar, dextrose, tea, kombucha cultures), barley malt extract, green tea infusion, carbon dioxide, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavourings, lime juice concentrate, acidifier citric acid, stabiliser pectin, antioxidant ascorbic acid.

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