Tartufi Jimmy

Tartufi Jimmy - Extra Virgin Olive Oil with White Truffle Pieces (100ml)

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Tartufi Jimmy White Truffle Extra Virgin Oil 100ml is made with the aroma of the highest quality white truffles with a slight peppery and a hint of garlic taste. Use it to enhance the taste of main dishes, appetizers and garnishes. Made in Italy.

Nutrition: Amount Per Serving Calories from Fat 220 Calories 61.2 % Daily Value* 6%Total Fat 4ggrams 11%Saturated Fat 2.2ggrams 2%Cholesterol 6.4mgmilligrams 0%Sodium 8.2mgmilligrams 2%Total Carbohydrates 5.4ggrams Sugars 4.6ggrams Protein 0.8g


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