Taking the Pea

Taking the Pea - Cheesy Peasy & Onion Sharing Bag (125g)

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THE PERFECT SNACK: No! We’re not taking the pea! We’ve taken the humble marrow fat pea and turned it into a deliciously crunchy, flavourful snack that you won’t want to put down! FOUR DELICIOUS FLAVOURS: Our fabulous four offer something for everyone: Cheesy Peasy & Onion, Smoked Ham, Sweet Chilli and Wacky Wasabi. The question is, what’s your favourite? VEGAN FRIENDLY: And they are a great source of plant-based protein! Say no more! HEALTHIER SNACKING: Peas are an amazing source of vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, thiamine (B1), iron and phosphorus. They are also rich in protein, carbohydrate and fibre and low in fat. At less that 113kcal per serve, our cheeky peas have less calories than a bag of crisps and less fat than peanuts… Who said that snacking has to be dull?! ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS, BRITISH GROWN PEAS: All our peas are grown, picked and packed right here in the UK. Peas have one of the lowest carbon footprints of any food group: they are water efficient, enrich the soil as they grow and in turn, reduce the need for fertilisers. Nice, huh?



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