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The perfect meal for a night in. Contains: One Planet Pizza – Three Cheeze Margherita Vegan Frozen Pizza (320g) One Planet Pizza – Spicy Peppernomi Vegan Frozen Pizza (302g) Karma Kombucha – Mango (500ml) Karma Kombucha – Pomegranate (500ml) Cecily’s – Organic Pure Chocolate (460g)

Choc orange is inspired a certain christmas chocolate but with a dairy free tice cream twist on the classic treat. It is certainly inspired and one of cecily’s favourite flavours how could she not make an ice cream.

M so excited for you to try these mini bites. They make a great snack in my family, we eat them straight from the tub. From cornwall, with love cecily with cornish soul, lovely little bites, contains just 84 calories per serving, made with coconut milk and perfect snacking treat.

Put aside any preconceptions you might have this creamy coconut ice cream is delicious. Ultra creamy with a sweet coconut flavour and packed full of coconut chips. Try it topped with pineapple chunks and a shot of rum and you’ll be transported to tropical ice cream paradise.

This flavour came about after cecily was challenged to make the most caramelly ice cream possible. Well here it is: caramel ice cream with swirls of caramel sauce rippled through it. Ice cream taken to another creamy level.

Making creamy real chocolate ice cream is not easy but cecily worked at hard it and with some ice cream alchemy and a handful of simple ingredients she managed to make the most creamy, chocolatey treat. It’s dense and chocolatey but still creamy it really is the bench mark by which to judge all other…

When the great taste award judges awarded this flavour two gold stars, they said it was delicious and moreish. This tastes caramelly but not too sweet and has a smooth, buttery creamy texture but it is dairy free so creamy you would never know.


A quick Meal for Two. Contains: Luna & Fennel – Cauliflower Crust – Mama Margherita Luna & Fennel – Cauliflower Crust – Roma Soda Folk – Jam Roly Poly Soda (750ml) Boundless – Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Activated Chips (80g) Moonjii – Salted Caramel Chai Ice Cream (500ml)

Plant based Colombian coffee gelato brewed with freshly ground beans, sandwiched between deliciously soft, doughy layers.

Plant based pistachio gelato with caremalised pistachios, a splash of orange blossom and a touch of cinnamon, sandwiched between deliciously soft, doughy layers.

Plant based strawberry gelato with a splash of rose water, sandwiched between deliciously soft, doughy layers.

Refreshingly zesty Sicilian lemon plant based gelato infused with aromatic mint leaves, sandwiched between deliciously soft, doughy layers.

Frozen Scoopable Acai with banana – dairy free, packed with powerful antioxidants and healthy omegas. Make delicious acai bowls in seconds or eat right from the tub. No blender required.

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