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Plant-Based Milk: Which Is Best?

In the plant-based world, “milk” is a glorious mix of tasty varieties – each boasting their own set of benefits. Brands have become increasingly innovative at transforming nuts, seeds and vegetables into delicious, drinkable milk fit for the Queen’s cuppa tea! Given that an estimated 68% of the population have some level of lactose intolerance, the rise of plant-based milks could not have come at a better time. 

Dairy Alternatives: The Plant-Based Products Taking The World By A Storm

Fat-free, low-fat and full-fat are no longer the only choices when it comes to ordering your morning cappuccino. In fact, you may have to take some notes because the world of dairy alternatives is fun, fashionable and ever-growing! And we’re not just talking about mylk. From plant-based butter to protein mylk shakes and even plant-based deli cheese, your fridge is in for an upgrade…