About Zebra

The future we make lies in the decisions we take. Zebra is more than just a plant-based marketplace, it is a community for those bold enough to take ownership of their health and courageous enough to trust that it will make a difference

At Zebra, we believe that truly healthy choices build a sustainable world. As the first plant-based marketplace, we endeavour to help the planet and improve lives by empowering you to live a healthier (and tastier) lifestyle

The Zebra Promise...


We select only the best products from top plant-based producers


We endeavour to educate you about each of our products’ origin, production process and the journey to get to you


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through offering products that are sustainable, organic and chemical-free, as well as using sustainable electric vehicles for delivery

Zebra is more than just an online marketplace for plant-based products, it is a revolution led by those who care as deeply for their own health and the health of their families as they do for the planet.

At Zebra, we believe that truly healthy choices build a sustainable world. We are passionate about providing you with the best that plant-based has to offer, so that you can lead a healthier lifestyle, without compromising the planet

What does the Zebra team do?

Plant-Based Marketplace

Stock Management

Packing & Distribution

Outsourced Vendor Stores

Custom Shipping Dates

Professional Delivery

Conscious living has never been easier.

Join the plant-based revolution today!

Why do we do what we do?

We have a vision for a plant-based future. We believe that this future, which aligns eating quality food, being healthy and caring for the planet, is not just possible, but probable when people are empowered to lead conscious, healthier lifestyles

The idea of Zebra was born from a necessity: I wanted a better and healthier lifestyle for myself. When I started my plant-based journey, it was a lot simpler to make healthier choices as the number of products available were few and far between. Now, as the number of plant-based products available has increased, so has the challenge of selecting truly healthy options from those available

About Zebra...

Zebra was started by two friends with a passion for people, the planet and tasty food. They recognised the difficulty in identifying truly healthy, ethical and sustainable plant-based products from all the plant-based options available and endeavoured to take the guesswork out of plant-based shopping

You can now find all the plant-based products on one platform and conveniently order them directly to your door in an electric car!
The world is changing and more people are looking to try plant-based foods for a healthier lifestyle. At the moment there is no nowhere to get all the healthy plant based food without searching from website to website. The Zebra team will do the research for you, selecting the best quality products. 
We help facilitate the process of ordering healthy plant-based food you can trust to your home through one platform only, instead of ordering from multiple websites which is inefficient and costly, let Zebra be your “one stop shop” for healthy plant-based food

Our Vendor Partners...