10 Best Vegan Bakeries In London

Walking around London. Grumbling stomach. You drop a message to your friends’ group chat: “Does anyone have a recommendation for great plant-based bakeries around the city?”. No one replies. Sighing, you find yourself back at the standard supermarket, purchasing a piece of fruit or some crackers to keep you going.


We’ve all been there.

But no one should have to go hungry at the hands of friends’ lack of recommendations… And this is why we are here! London has a number of amazing bakeries and bakehouses with a variety of delectable plant-based goods to delight vegan and non-vegan tastebuds alike. Let’s get to it:


Instagram: @crosstown

With stores across London, you are likely always within walking distance from a delicious doughnut. These soft, pillowy sourdough delights are made fresh in London and you can find a range of vegan options, from chocolate, to almond butter cinnamon, to lime and coconut, and so much more!


Instagram: @thepolkadotbakery 

The Polka Dot Bakery is a one-woman-show you can find exclusively at Spitalfields Market each Saturday and Sunday. Specialising in gluten-free and vegan American-inspired brownies, cookies and cakes, these goodies certainly are a weekend treat. Spitalfields, here we come!


Instagram: @vidabakery

This colourful cake shop will add some much needed joy to your day. And did we mention it’s 100% dairy, egg and gluten free? Head on over to Brick Lane and grab a brownie, cookie box, cake… Or all of the above!


Instagram: @nama.cake.house

If you find yourself in South London, you’re not going to want to miss out on the artisan baking, cakes and products from Nama Cafe. This cruelty-free cafe is the perfect spot for plant-based treats, both sweet and savoury. Started in 2020, their “unbelievably flavoursome” experience is one to watch… (Or eat!)

6. WAVE (We Are Vegan Everything) Cafe

Instagram: @we_are_vegan_everything

As their name promises, everything on the menu at WAVE is vegan, but created to delight even the hardiest non-vegan. If you were looking for the best vegan croissant in London, we believe this may be the place you find it! WAVE offers brunch, bowls, sandwiches and delicious over-the-counter treats alongside your favourite plant-based lattes.


Instagram: @cookiesandscreambakery

This one’s worth screaming about. We’re taking our recommendations up north, to Holloway Road, with the dairy, egg, wheat and gluten free bakery known as Cookies and Scream. Originally in a small stall in Camden Market back in 2010, this family-run plant-based gem has been making waves ever since. There’s only one word to describe the pies, cookies and goodies coming out of this kitchen: decadent! 


Instagram: @arapina_bakery

Award-winning. Healthy. Absolutely delicious. What’s not to love? This lifestyle bakery has re-invented its Mediterranean roots into divine baked goods, from bespoke cakes and raw treats, to artisan bread and even chocolate. 


Instagram: @rubysoflondon

Back in 2010 out of Greenwich Market, Ruby launched a one-woman endeavour made specially for those with plant-based preferences and food allergies. Now, Ruby’s of London is a successful and multi-award winning business with some of the tastiest handmade vegan treats in town. 


Instagram: @vegansweettoothlondon

Ok, so we have to admit that this one isn’t going to help you when you’re walking around London… They don’t have a physical store and only accept orders. BUT we feel it would be unacceptable to exclude this awesome business from the list. We’re in awe of this first (and only) Italian artisan bakery, deli and patisserie, with their commitment to quality, local produce and sustainability – core values close to our heart.


Instagram: @freefrombakehse

You’re in luck… If you aren’t close to the Borough Market, just pop into the closest Wholefoods to grab one of these award-winning, healthy yet delicious bakes. Cakes, tray bakes, bars, brownies and nibbles; there’s something for everyone – even if you’re sugar-free, nut-free and gluten-free!

There’s no reason to go hungry this season with this list of the 10 best vegan bakeries in London. Get onto Google Maps and find the option closest to you – you won’t regret it!

PS. You may want to share this list with friends 😉

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